Lean In Pakistan held a Lean In Circle leaders meeting in August 2017. LEAN IN Pakistan has started its circle and each circle has a leader whose responsibility is to run her respective circle.

In the meeting, Lean in Pakistan Circle Leaders met for training and to discuss optimizing women inclusion across sectors. Each of these dynamic women will lead a monthly meeting with 9 other incredible women in their business sector in which they support and act as a soundboard for one another in their career trajectory and business growth.

In the meeting, Lean In circle leaders also received a training on how to run circles and what will be their responsibilities as leaders. They were encourage to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” as that helps lot of women to get motivated. Lean In Circle Leaders also received the training material to run circles.

Spotted among the 2017-2018 Circle Leaders were Moneeza Butt (Finance Circle), Kausar Z. Ahmed (Chefs Circle), Maryam Ashraf (Photographers Circle), Anadil Khan (Trade), Angie Marshall (Beauty Circle) and Ayesha Chowdry (HR Circle).